Adventures in the Deep World: Contemplative Ecology and the Magic of Nature: An Open House Talk.

with Jeff Grygny

June 25th

Contemplative Ecology uses body/mind practices to cultivate our relationships with living nature. By opening our senses and giving our attention to things that we normally ignore, we can experience nature more clearly and profoundly. Continue »

Learn to Meditate with Humor and Joy

with Alan Anderson

July 13th

So, you heard all the hype on meditation—that it would bring you stress relief, peace, and all that—-but it seems to be more of a struggle than a joy. That’s because meditation isn’t just about discipline and technique; the secret ingredient is humor. Ple Continue »

Learn to Meditate: Overcoming the Obstacle of Shame

with Dr. Rebecca McAllister

August 10th

Is shame an obstacle in your life? We will look at the role the obstacle of shame has in our lives and spiritual journey. Join us in exploring this emotion and our personal journey to transcend shame and reach joy. Continue »