Staff Training

August 24th - Date postponed or cancelled

Those who are brand new to staffing are welcome. This training will prepare you to staff an open position or help with programming, if you're interested, plus you'll get to learn all about the shrine and other things you might be wondering about. Those al Continue »

The Science of Meditation: An Open House Video Presentation

August 27th

Can meditation really make you smarter, happier and healthier? New research shows that it can affect the body as well as the mind, slow down the aging process, and even alter the structure of the brain. Continue »

Meditation Meets Mindfulness: Is There a Difference? - An Open House Talk with Anna Silberg

September 3rd

Mindfulness vs. Meditation? It’s not a contest. There’s just so much good stuff to explore including the rich discoveries that brain science has revealed. Come join one of Milwaukee’s foremost mindfulness educators for a talk and discussion. Continue »

Learn to Work with Strong Emotions

with Grace Jessen

September 14th

There's no need to struggle with our strong emotions or judge ourselves for feeling them. Learn to relate to your emotions without acting out or suppressing them. Continue »