Online Programs

Heart of Recovery Group - Thursday evenings

September 24th—May 27th

Online group meeting focused on sharing support while bringing together contemplative practice and a commitment to recovery from addictions of all kinds. Continue »

Cafe Shambhala - Saturday mornings

January 2nd—May 29th

Cafe Shambhala is a gentle introduction to meditation practice, with reading and discussion. Join us online Continue »

Open House Tuesday: Why are we so Mad?

with Alan Anderson

January 19th—March 16th

Why is the world burning up with such aggression? Have we entered a new Dark Age? The Shambhala teachings were built precisely for these times so that we don’t get swept away in the speed and degradation that is ramping up all around us. Let’s take a lo Continue »

Open House Tuesday: Performing Beyond Fear

with Kirk Ferguson

January 26th—March 23rd

A Special Series on Performance, Meditation and the Arts, with Kirk Ferguson of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra on the 4th Tuesdays January to March Continue »

Open House Tuesday: Chaos at the Capitol and

with Toni Martinez & Daniel Kaemmerer

February 2nd

The recent assault on our nation's capitol is the expression of collective individual suffering riding on the waves of the ongoing karma of our society. Join us for meditation and discussion. Continue »

Open House Tuesday: Caste in the time of the Buddha, and now

with Rebecca McAllister

February 9th

The Caste system was rejected by the Buddha. Join us in a discussion of caste system of present day, and what buddhism teaches us about caste. Continue »

Shambhala Sadhana practice

with Leslie Shippee

February 17th—December 1st

Join us for the chanting and contemplation of The Shambhala Sadhana, one of the central practices of the Shambhala community.  It is focused upon the teachings of basic goodness, or indestructible sanity, of oneself, other, and human society Continue »