Online Programs

Heart of Recovery Group - Thursday evenings

September 24th—May 27th

Online group meeting focused on sharing support while bringing together contemplative practice and a commitment to recovery from addictions of all kinds. Continue »

Cafe Shambhala - Saturday mornings

January 2nd—May 29th

Cafe Shambhala is a gentle introduction to meditation practice, with reading and discussion. Join us online Continue »

Compassion practices for Caregivers - first Sundays

with Rebecca McAllister

January 3rd—May 2nd

Gather online for engaging in compassion practices for those in caregiver roles Continue »

Shambhala Sadhana practice

with Leslie Shippee

February 3rd—December 1st

Join us for the chanting and contemplation of The Shambhala Sadhana, one of the central practices of the Shambhala community.  It is focused upon the teachings of basic goodness, or indestructible sanity, of oneself, other, and human society Continue »

Open House Tuesdays: The Hidden Genius of Meditation

with Alan Anderson

April 20th—June 15th

From the outside, meditation seems to be about being detached and trying to focus on the breath; but the training is far more brilliant and engaged than that. Join us on Zoom for this 3-part series. Continue »

Finding Contentment in Difficult Times

with Kirk Ferguson

April 21st—May 26th

This course will explore how we can use contemplative practices in our everyday, stressful life. Through meditation, contemplation, listening and discussion, we will develop confidence in our own basic goodness and a sense that we can be content, even in Continue »

Open House Tuesdays: Drawing from the Well—Tapping into your Inner Well of Wisdom and Creativity

with Jennifer Parde

April 27th

Drawing from the Well: Tapping Into Your Inner Source of Wisdom and This is part of Tuesday Arts series.) There is a force that guides you, and that is not separate from you. It is the seat of your own inner wisdom, and you can find it inside, through m Continue »

Open House Tuesdays: At Home with the Buddha - The Kitchen Sink Path of Awake

with Leslie Shippee

May 4th

We often think of a spiritual path as something that takes us out of ordinary life. But the Shambhala teachings are for individuals who want to practice Buddhism in everyday life. Continue »

Open House Tuesdays: Your Tender Heart of Sadness … It’s Not What You Think

with Gwin Stewart

May 11th

Completely exposing the heart allows us to feel the raw and tender unconditional sadness of the world, giving birth to fearlessness. During this time of needed warriorship, you are invited to this discussion and practice of touching your own tender heart Continue »