Featured Programs

Milwaukee Shambhala Hosts present: A MIAD Gallery Tour

February 24th

Discover how Shambhala Buddhism relates to suffering: by those who need empathy and those who offer it. Continue »

Learn to Conquer Self-Doubt

with Shastri Deborah Zarate

March 3rd

Self-doubt can trick us into questioning our own self-worth. Join us as we explore how the emotions arising from doubt can actually remind us that we are in fact workable people, who are fundamentally sane and good. Instead of buckling in a Continue »

How Can I help? The Basic Goodness of Society

with Shastri Deborah Zarate

March 7th—April 11th

"How Can I Help" explores our aspirations to help our world: what could it mean to be of benefit to our world? And what are we up against? Continue »

Level II - Birth of the Warrior

with Dr. Rebecca McAllister

March 17th—March 18th

Through the practice of meditation, we glimpse unconditional goodness as the ground of our existence. Opening to ourselves with gentleness and appreciation, we begin to see our potential as genuine and compassionate human beings. Continue »

Learn to Work with Difficult People

with Shastri Deborah Zarate

April 7th

We don’t have to like everyone we encounter. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be compassionate, and aware of other’s pain. Continue »

Joy In Everyday Life

April 25th—May 23rd

Through an exploration of the Buddhist teachings on intelligent compassion towards others, we begin to discover the joy of discipline, health and bravery. Continue »

Learn to Meditate

May 5th

This is a half day, interactive workshop and introduction to the basics of meditation, including practical ways to integrate it into your life Continue »

Learn to Develop Confidence

June 2nd

Confidence is a genuine sense of self-respect. Simple, humble contentment and trust in ourselves is the fruition of experiencing contentment. Continue »