Shambhala MKE New Tuesday Open House — WEEKLY once again!

Every Tuesday night we offer:

  • 7:00pm:  Free meditation instruction and sitting practice.
  • 7:45pm:   A brief tea social.
  • 8:00pm:  A talk or video/audio presentation and discussion.

Topics are wide ranging and include Buddhist and non-Buddhist presentations. Click here to learn all about it on our new Shambhala MKE website. All are welcome and warmly invited to join us. Donations are always appreciated.

Announcing: The Profound Treasury Book Club, with Alice Gormley

2nd Sunday of each month, beginning June 9 at 11:15am.

Join us in exploring the complete path of Tibetan Buddhism through the published seminary talks of Chögyam Trungpa. We’ll start at the beginning of the hinayana volume: The Path of Individual Liberation and work through all three volumes month-by-month, a chapter at a time. Join us for study, discussion and refreshments. You can purchase volume 1 on Amazon. Learn more.


Featured Programs

Weekthun: Four Dignities and Four Foundations

with Acharya Richard John

May 26th—June 1st

This 7-day meditation retreat is open to practitioners at all levels, from very new practitioners to experienced tantrikas. The two primary teachings, the Four Dignities and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness will set the tone and provide specific instru Continue »

Learn to Meditate with Kindness

with Steven Shippee

June 8th

Please join us for this interactive workshop and introduction to the basics of meditation, including practical ways to integrate meditation into your life. The heart of meditation remains an oral tradition and individual, personal instruction is important Continue »

Learn to Meditate with Humor and Joy

with Alan Anderson

July 13th

So, you heard all the hype on meditation—that it would bring you stress relief, peace, and all that—-but it seems to be more of a struggle than a joy. That’s because meditation isn’t just about discipline and technique; the secret ingredient is humor. Ple Continue »

Cultivating Embodied Living

with Shastri Marita McLaughlin

July 20th

Wisdom traditions of guided exercises, contemplations, movement, trauma-informed neuroscience and Shambhala Buddhist teachings will support our journey toward experiencing the body-mind as whole rather than separate. By exploring the natural intelligence Continue »

Learn to Meditate: Overcoming the Obstacle of Shame

with Dr. Rebecca McAllister

August 10th

Is shame an obstacle in your life? We will look at the role the obstacle of shame has in our lives and spiritual journey. Join us in exploring this emotion and our personal journey to transcend shame and reach joy. Continue »

Milwaukee Shambhala: 40 Years of Teaching and Practicing Meditation.

The Milwaukee Shambhala Center, founded in 1979, is part of an international community of meditation centers founded by the Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Learn about Shambhala.