Milwaukee Shambhala Financial Aid Program

The Milwaukee Shambhala Financial Aid Fund was established to help enable active, committed community members with financial constraints to attend programs at Shambhala land centers through direct partial payment of program fees. Funds are limited, but the intent is to provide support substantial enough to make attendance possible.[1]

 The fund supports attendance at programs and events that

1) demonstrate a deepening commitment to the core practices of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and/or:

2) indicate a growing engagement with the Shambhala community of practitioners and/or:

3) increase one’s ability to effectively provide some form of leadership for the local Milwaukee Shambhala sangha.

[1] Please see the list of financial aid opportunities. While not exhaustive, the list provides a starting point. Some land centers like Karme Choling in Vermont offer matching funds for local financial assistance, allowing local funds to have more impact.

Learn more about Milwaukee Shambhala Financial Aid.

Apply for Milwaukee Shambhala Financial Aid. Once complete, email the application to [email protected]