2nd Tuesday Open House: "Go to Places that Scare You:" The Five Slogans of Machig Labdron.

with Grace Jessen

February 12th

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    Room: First Floor Shrineroom

     Free meditation instruction/sitting practice at 7:00pm; tea at 7:45, Talk at 8:00pm. (Donations are always appreciated.) 

    "Go to Places that Scare You..."

    Machig Labdron brought forth many important teachings, despite (or because of?) being female.  The fifth of her slogans is well known. The other four:

    Confess your hidden faults.
    Approach that which you find repulsive.
    Help those you cannot/do not want to help.
    Whatever you are attached to, let it go.

    However daunting these sound, contemplating them reveals much that we can work with in everyday life and practice.

    Join us as we meet one of the foremost female figures in Buddhism.

    Everyone is welcome to the discussion...no prior
    knowlege is needed.