Milwaukee Shambhala Hosts present: A MIAD Gallery Tour

February 24th (2018)

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    The best way to avoid empathy is to avoid sensorial contact, says curator John Schuerman. In this exhibit, viewers cannot avoid such contact. Instead, they are immersed in the works of 12 artists who have varied perspectives. While internalizing the experiences of others through art, viewers are challenged to engage their potential for empathy, and ultimately decide whether to exercise it.

    We'll take an hour to tour the exhibit, with an eye to how Shambhala Buddhism informs the suffering and the care for those who offer and those who need empathy.

    Afterwards, we’ll reconvene at the Stone Creek Coffeehouse to engage in additional conversation on suffering, basic goodness, and empathy in the enlightened society.

    Learn more about MIAD'S Humanly Possible: The Empathy Exhibition

    To help with planning, please register here if you think you may attend.


    (Donations to our building repair fund much appreciated.)