Tuesday Open House

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

If you are new to Shambhala we invite you to join us Tuesday evenings for our Open House program. The program includes initial group meditation instruction at 7:00 pm, an informal reception with refreshments, and an introductory talk at 8:00 pm. Meditation instruction is free, and we have plenty of different types of meditation cushions for different bodies; or you can sit in a chair. Suggested donation is $5.00.


Upcoming Tuesday Open House Talks:


October 3:

Mindfulness in Action: How to Overcome Drama in Your Life.

 When we identify the prevalence of drama in our lives, blaming and shaming lose their power. Let’s talk about it.
with Alan Anderson



Oct. 10th

Dharma for hard times

Chaos, fear, confusion, anger–just the daily news cycle makes it all too easy to check out or shrink back. But is it possible to use it all?–to wake up, expand our hearts, and try to help?

-with Dr. Steven Shippee


Oct. 24th

The Eight Worldly Dharmas/Concerns:

How does one engage in “ordinary life” while maintaining the view we can experience in meditation on the cushion?  This evening we will examine the traditional  four pairs of attachments or involvements: [gain/loss; praise/blame; fame/disgrace;  pleasure/pain] and how they catch us out from our intentions.

Looking more carefully  at them, we can ease up their grip on our habitual patterns.

-with Grace Jessen