Director of Practice and Education

Good morning!  I am writing to announce that the Milwaukee Shambhala Center is seeking a successor in the role of Director of Practice and Education (P&E), beginning as early as September 1, 2017.  At that time, in order to be able to meet new responsibilities in my professional life, I will have to retire from this position.

The Director of P&E, together with the Shastri, represent the Pillar of Practice and Education. While the Shastri holds the chief teaching seat, the Director is responsible for performing the executive-administrative functions which support the Shambhala Buddhist teachings and practice life of the community.  That is, the Director makes it possible for the teachings and practices to flourish; she or he creates and sustains the local teaching and practice “container,” as it is called, by working closely and collaboratively with the Shastri as well as other members of center leadership.

While one individual traditionally fills this position, it could be shared by two or three persons, dividing the responsibilities to suit their personal inspirations and skills.  And while this role is generally assumed for a three-year term, a shorter term of office is also possible. The minimal personal practice and path requirements for this role are the completion of “The Way of Shambhala One.”

I would like to say, personally, that I have found my service as Director of Practice and Education deeply rewarding.  As good work done for the benefit of others, it is accompanied by much joy and satisfaction.  While challenging at times, it is the very worthwhile experience of making available what we all find so very precious–the brilliant and timely teachings of our Shambhala lineage.

If you are interested in considering the position, please click the links below to review:

  1. the full role description from our international office of P&E
  2. a shorter description of the role as seen from our own ‘local’ perspective, along with a bullet-point list of its most key functions.


To apply for the position, please contact the Center Director, Leslie Shippee ( for an application form.

Finally, even if you yourself are not interested in this position at this time, please consider encouraging those members to apply whom you would like to see doing this important work with us.  The right person(s) might need only your word of encouragement.

Yours in the Great Eastern Sun,

Steven Shippee