Shambhala Training, Level I: The Art of Being Human

stlevel1Saturday, January 28, 9am-6pm.

Shambhala Training, Level I, The Art of Being Human, is the first step on the Shambhala Path of meditation practice and study. The day includes instruction and practice, talks by senior teachers, personal interviews and group discussion.

Levels I-V of Shambhala Training provide a strong foundation in mindfulness/awareness practice. We welcome people of all spiritual traditions as well as as those not on any particular spiritual path.

Click here for more info and to register. Program cost $110.



Windhorse Retreat Center

What’s happening at Windhorse:

Windhorse is the only Shambhala retreat center in the Midwest and is just 50 minutes north of Milwaukee. Located in a beautiful glacial area adjacent to the 15,000-acre Kettle Moraine State Forest, it offers an array of programs, solo and group retreats and rental opportunities for outside groups.


I Used to Be a Human Being

usedtobehumanRead how journalist Andrew Sullivan discovered meditation as an escape from information addiction and a return to sanity.


Contentment in Everyday Life: Stepping onto the Shambhala Path


Five Wednesdays: Jan. 18-Feb.15; 7:00pm-9:00pm

With Dr. Steven Shippee

$110 program price; $130 patron. Generosity policy applies.

All are welcome to this second of five classes in the Everyday Life Series of the Way of Shambhala. Here we continue to focus on the fundamentals of meditation, mindfulness and Buddhist teachings and their potential to bring contentment into our lives. Cultivating contentment means that difficult emotions and the challenges of life  can be met with gentleness, steadiness and humor.

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Discombobulated by politics?

Learn Shamatha (calm abiding)  meditation at the Shambhala Center.

Free instruction:  Tuesdays at 7:00pm with Open House talk following.

Saturdays at 9:00am with Cafe Shambhala following.