Kado Ikebana: The Way of Flowers – A Workshop

uid000008_201008092027063c3982ebSaturday, June 18, 11:00am to 2:00pm; $30; $50 Patron

Ikebana flower arrangements, an ever-present feature of Shambhala Centers, are “meditation-in-action” creations. If you are interested in learning how they come to be and how to do them yourself, join us for this three-hour workshop conducted by our center’s own long-time Ikebana Master Jay Wohlen. Click here to register.



Midsummer Day, Sat. June 18, 4pm

Join our Milwaukee Shambhala Community in the seasonal celebration of Midsummer Day.

What to bring: yourself a curious friend, a dish to pass, your preferred beverage, and if possible a folding chair.

What to expect: 5pm-the traditional Lhasang ceremony, burning of juniper, will be performed followed by dinner and conversation. Click here to learn more.



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Community Meeting: Sunday June 5, 11am

All Shambhala members and friends are invited to a community meeting on Sunday, June 5 from 11am-1pm. In this first of a series of meetings, we’ll connect with one another through sharing our experiences, inspirations, and challenges as members of the Milwaukee Shambhala community.

Listening, sharing, and being with one another is a direct practice of community–the building blocks of awakened society itself. All Shambhala Center members and friends are welcome.

No preparation is necessary, but if you are so inclined, you may read “The Activity of a Shambhala Center” by Acharya Adam Lobel.



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