Societal Health and Well Being Director

The role of SHWB Director is broad, and the key to it is this statement from the role description “…to promote and support the ongoing development of community within a local Shambhala Centre …”  Within this context, an individual choosing to fill this role has much room to develop the role in terms of their own interests, abilities, and schedule.  This role does have a seat on the governing council.

Right now our Center needs someone who can dedicate some time and energy to working with the good energies, ideas, and needs of our community, taking the lead and drawing on the council and the community for support.  Though the council has made some small efforts to gather the community, in fact the council alone does not have the band width to sustain such efforts or to spearhead the good ideas along these lines that some of you have put forth.

Do you have questions about what may be involved in filling this role or a desire to explore it?  If so, please contact me or any member of the governing council (Leslie Shippee, Jessica Bizub, Steven Shippee, Kirk Ferguson, Gary Reinke).  You may send an email to our Center’s address at: