Open House Tuesdays: Of Course You're Stressed

with Alan Anderson

September 21st

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    Room: Online

    Of course you're stressed: Living in the WTF world.
    Why are we surprised at the stream of upset and chaos that arises in our lives?  Has the world gone crazy?  Are we unprepared, over-reacting...or did we just get confused when the Universe refused to cooperate with our expectations (again)?  Let's zoomvestigate this one together.

    These talks will be offered by Alan Anderson

    Alan Anderson

    Alan Anderson has been a musician, educator and Shambhala practitioner and teacher for four decades. He is the author of the award winning "When Bad Lands: How Not to Numb Out, Freak Out or Bottom Out—Buddhist Style."


    During the pandemic, we will be meeting on Zoom. Simply click here to join us:  The program includes initial group meditation instruction at 6:30 pm, sitting practice from 6:30-7:00pm, and an introductory talk and discussion from 7:00 – 8:00pm. 

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