Radical Responsibility for the Holidays

with Alan Anderson

November 30th—January 11th

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    Food, drink, ice, snow, family, gifts, disappointments, drunk uncle...What an amazing recipe for holiday chaos to do battle with sanity! What a perfect time to join our wonderful weekend discussions regarding the power and passion of taking Fleet Maull’s Radical Responsibility practice to heart.

      The text is available at the Center or through Amazon.

    Newcomers are welcome to join in!  $30 Suggested Donation for the Series.
    What our current participants say:
     "We are living in a time where it is easy to put shame and blame onto someone else or an invisible they. What I appreciate about this class is that it provides a safe space to be a bit raw and uncomfortable so that you can take your power back.”
     “This class helped me to notice the dramas I participate in and to have compassion for myself and others about it.”
    “I wanted to stop the blame game in my life and shift out of victim/persecutor roles. This class teaches how to make the shift, and Alan is a compassionate and clear teacher.”