Learn to Cultivate Peace Through Meditation

with Steven Shippee

December 14th

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  • $25 Program Price
  • $35 Patron Price
Room: First Floor Shrineroom

Learn to Cultivate Peace Through Meditation.

Saturday morning, December 14, 9:30am-12:30pm. $25 donation requested (If price is an obstacle, join us anyway!)

This Saturday morning workshop is aimed at beginnning meditators and any practitioner wishing to brush up on basic techniques. It's always worthwhile to work with an experienced Meditation instructor. This three-hour session provides instruction, practice and opportunities for discussion.

Our lives can be marked by a great deal of aggression--aggression towards perceived threats of every kind, and even at times toward ourselves.  Meditation offers a way of relating to our world and to our personal experience with gentleness and generosity, which lead to peace.  This class will provide instructions in the traditional practice of Shamatha, "peaceful abiding meditation."