Nagarjuna's Letter to a Friend

with Grace Jessen

October 10th—November 7th

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Room: First Floor Shrineroom

Nagarjuna's Letter to a Friend is a fundamental Mahayana text. Nagarjuna answers a king who wanted to know how to live a dharmic life with all his responsibilities, but it is also addressed to anyone who wishes to practice the Buddha's teachings as a means to be free of samsara.

The text is appropriate for new students, but since Nagarjuna covers the whole Mahayana path with clarity, more seasoned students can find a focus to connect a multiplicity of teachings. He shows what needs to be cultivated and what needs to be rejected, so that these teachings can be connected with one's busy life. Since Nagarjuna does this in only 123 verses, there are passages that need to be explored in depth.

These five classes can provide a framework for one's individual work with the treasures of a text that has inspired and supported practice for two millenia.