The Art of Being Human: It's Basically Good!

with Shastri Mark Blumenfeld

February 23rd

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  • $110 Program Price
Room: First Floor Shrineroom
The path of Shambhala is here to awaken us to the potential of our lives. It teaches us how to live meaningfully and vigorously, with joy. Its ancient but practical wisdom allows us to discover unconditional human confidence. Through the practice of meditation, we discover that goodness, strength, and wisdom are inherent in our own mind and being."

                                               ~ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human marks the beginning of the Way of Shambhala path which teaches students of any tradition effective tools for meditation. This first level focuses on the basic technique of mindfulness meditation. By settling our minds, we begin to see the magic of the world beyond our habitual filters, and experience the quality of basic goodness which can neither be created nor destroyed.

The program begins with registration at 8:30AM and a talk at 9:00AM

To accomodate the different schedules that people may have, this program is being offered twice, on Saturday, February 23 and Wednesday, March 6.

We want to see you at our programs. If cost is an obstacle, please offer an amount that is workable for you.

Special "Bring a Friend" offer: If you register and pay the full program price, feel free to bring a friend at no charge; and feel free as well to share the cost with your friend!

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