Children's Day/Winter Solstice Celebration

December 15th (2018)

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    Room: First Floor Shrineroom

    The holiday season in our western culture is a beautiful time of celebrating dharma in everyday life. The true holiday message is about being generous and compassionate towards our fellow humans and celebrating peace on earth and goodwill towards all. The Buddhist monk Ajahn Chah said, “Anything that inspires us to see what is true and do what is good is proper practice.”

    As a sangha, a family, we should come together and celebrate our culture’s holiday season and recognize how the season speaks to our Dharmic heart. What holiday song speaks to your heart? What holiday tradition makes your heart open wide? How do the festive decorations help you connect to these feelings?

    On December 15, in correlation with Children’s Day, let us come together to celebrate the season as a family. We will have a special program for children from 4-5 and then a holiday party for the whole family afterward. Please bring your favorite holiday dish to share. We will have a tree to decorate. You are welcome to bring something to put on the tree. We will be playing classic family games like charades and Holiday trivia. The fabulous Aaron Schricker will be your Holiday Party MC/DJ and will keep your favorite holiday songs playing all night long.