Shambhala Sadhana Gathering and Leadership Presentation

May 20th

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    Room: First Floor Shrineroom

    Shambhala Sadhana Gathering, Sunday May 20: 10:00am; with special guests Jane Arthur and Cynthia MacKay.

    Please join us in welcoming the Sakong's representatives of the Pillar of Government, Jane Arthur and Cynthia MacKay, at this special Shambhala Sadhana Gathering. After the Sadhana practice they will offer teachings on leadership. Lunch will be provided, followed by discussion of the presentation.

    We suggest an offering of $10 to help defray expenses. To help us plan, please register below.

    About the Presentation:

    Magnetizing Enlightened Society: Shambhala Leadership

    Leadership in Shambhala is a personal and societal journey. It is a path of being on the spot and mixing presence with selflessness. How do we hold our seats in the midst of uncertainty, bring out the best in each other, cultivate our strengths, and welcome many voices and energy into the mix? How can we magnetize wealth, auspicious circumstances, and fellow warriors to bring about the vision of enlightened society?

    In this discussion, you’ll be introduced to the teachings on leadership from the Government Pillar of Shambhala. We will also explore the challenges and opportunities in the greater Milwaukee area, and strengthen our shared vision and motivation.


    Jane Arthur is the Minister of the Pillar of Government of Shambhala with responsibility for all Shambhala centers worldwide, including the training of center leaders. Jane’s leadership positions in Shambhala, have included service as the Director of the Boulder Shambhala Center and as Director of Karme Choling.  Before her current role, she was the Director of the Vermont Leadership Institute and Vermont Leadership Network at the Snelling Center for Government. She also sits on several boards in her community and is trained as a nurse and an attorney.

    Cynthia MacKay is the Deputy Minister of the Pillar of Government of Shambhala, guiding and supporting Shambhala Leaders in the Americas. Cynthia has traveled around the world with a backpack and her running shoes, gathering teachings and running marathons. She is a teacher in Shambhala as well as a Motorcycle Safety Instructor for the California Motorcycle Safety Program.