Learn to Work with Difficult People

with Shastri Deborah Zarate

April 7th (2018)

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  • $25.00 Program Price
  • $35.00 Patron Price

We don’t have to like everyone we encounter.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t be compassionate, and aware of other’s pain.  We touch our own awakened heart when we listen genuinely, when we feel someone else’s pain, or when we go beyond what’s personally comfortable in order to help someone else.  Making a personal shift toward openness takes courage and strength and can feel incredibly challenging at times.  Becoming aware of our world, and the suffering of others, opens the heart further.

This class will explore how awakening our own heart can help us extend loving kindness to others, particularly personalities we find challenging.  Students will practice speaking genuinely and listening fully to others.


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