Shambhala Household Mandala

with Mark Thorpe

October 14th—October 15th (2017)

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Introduction to the Shambhala Household Practice:

October 14 & 15 — with Mark Thorpe, Master of the Kalapa Court and head of the Sakyong’s household.

On Shambhala Day this year, a new path to support the practice of Shambhala teachings in our day-to-day lives was announced.  Since then, the plans for introducing this path have been completed, and I am delighted to announce the opening in Milwaukee of the Shambhala Household Mandala, a path for us to explore how to integrate Shambhala teachings and practices into the mundane yet profound activities of our daily lives.

The Sakyong has written a text called Shambhala Household, The Path of the Kalapa Court. This text will be the ground for opening up conversations that will support us in initiating and leading Shambhala Household events and programs here in Milwaukee. 

Shambhala Household is the first text that practitioners will receive from the lineage related to Householder Practice  which is a significant moment. Since we all share the experience of being householders in many styles and forms, we all now have the opportunity to bring Shambhala principles even more deeply into our daily lives and homes with the support of a text, transmission of the Lung and group experience practicing with each other.

Just as the Shambhala Sadhana  is the binding practice for our community at all levels, the Shambhala Household path is the common ground of experience that all of us share in our daily lives.

This new endeavor will not be a core path program, but is available and meant for Shambhalians at all levels of practice who have taken  Rigden weekend and beyond.  Practicing the Householder Path is a way to bring us together with a sense of community joy and personal inspiration so that we can produce the same magic we feel when we walk into our center in our own homes and lives.


Mark Thorpe has been a student of and personal attendant to Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, since the 1970’s. He has held a multitude of leadership roles in Shambhala, particularly in the Dorje Kasung, the group responsible for the service and protection of the Sakyongs, their family, and the greater Shambhala community. Currently he is the “Master of the Kalapa Court,” charged with overseeing and managing the Sakyong’s family household.