with Shastri Deborah Zarate & Steven Shippee

August 25th—August 27th (2017)

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In Level III we learned that we can deal with the world with a sense of openness. And with less anxiety about life’s ups and downs. We  can manifest the bravery of the warrior. In Level IV, we work further with our mind, developing the awareness to interpret our perceptions moment to moment. And to realize when we are projecting a reality on our perceptions that isn’t really there. A rainy day or a sunny day don’t, of necessity, mean a “nice day” or a “nasty” day. This awareness can awaken a natural inquisitiveness which lead to a knowledge or “prajna” related to seeing how things work.

The phenomenal world becomes more open to possibilities, including our connections with others. We can abandon faulty projections. Not having a project means nothing to gain or lose. Rather, the openness of our viewpoint enables us to understand and help others. Our world becomes a lighter place. And we can move through life directly and with confidence. And when agitation happens, it serves as a reminder of our awake mind and human heart.

Please join us to continue the journey.