Who am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human

with Shastri Deborah Zarate

March 8th—April 12th

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  • $110 Program Price
  • $130 Patron Price

This course asks the question “Who am I?” and focuses on our sense of a solid, unchanging self.  It includes teachings on the core Shambhala category of basic goodness, on the Buddha’s central discovery of no-self, on the arising of ego and the cocoon of our habitual patterns; as well as on our buddhanature, and our innate confidence of warriorship. We will also benefit from the practice of the traditional contemplative investigations into the self, based upon the Buddha’s teachings on the foundations of mindfulness.

Overview of the Basic Goodness Series

The Basic Goodness Series is open to everyone, without prerequisites.  We recommended that participants first receive basic meditation instruction during an open house, a Shambhala Training program, or a Learn to Meditate Day. However, these are not firm prerequisites.

The Basic Goodness series is a three-part series of weekly classes that introduces the view of Shambhala in an experiential way. The primary practice is Shambhala Meditation. The key difference between the Everyday Life courses and the Basic Goodness courses is that the Everyday Life courses emphasize blending the teachings very practically with our daily life, whereas the Basic Goodness courses provide the opportunity to experience more deeply the profound meaning of the dharma teachings.

Our Generosity Policy

We have a generosity policy to make our offerings available to all who wish to participate. If the program price is an obstacle for you, please consider what works for you, and offer as much of the program fee as you can. For those who can offer more than the program price, we have a "patron price." Your generosity in offering the patron price helps cover the costs for others who are not able to pay the full price.

If you have questions about this program, please contact Way of Shambhala Coordinator, Diana Luepke.