Tuesday Open House

Drop in on any Tuesday night for meditation practice and instruction. Tuesday night programs are free, and the talks are aimed at beginning meditators.

Open House Schedule
Meditation 7:00 – 7:45 pm
Tea and snacks 7:45 - 8:00 pm
Open House Talk 8:00 – 9:00 pm

Open House Talks

Oct 7 - So What IS Shambhala Anyway?!
Join Center Director, Leslie Shippee, every first Tuesday of each month from 8-9pm, for a discussion of topics on the Milwaukee Shambhala community and the path of Shambhala Buddhism. This month we'll explore the role and path of the Dorje Kasung, which emphasizes the principle of protection. The Dorje Kasung offers protection to the teacher, the teachings, and the community of practitioners. Come to learn about this profound path of service and how the principle of protection plays a role in our individual practice.
With Leslie Shippee and Jessica Bizub

Oct 14 - Developing a Brave Perspective
The Four Seals of Dharma: Impermanence, Selflessness, Suffering and Peace
With Debbie Zarate

Oct 21 - A Special Presentation with Arno Michaelis, author of My Life After Hate

Oct 28 - The Eight Worldly Dharmas
This evening, we will explore the Eight Worldly Dharmas, which are the paired, habitual objects of our attention and actions: loss and gain, pleasure and pain, fame and disgrace, hope and fear
With Grace Jessen