Bodhi School - Meditation for Children and Teenagers

Welcome to Bodhi School! In this page you will find information about what Bodhi School is, what we offer to children and parents and additional resources on parenting based on Shambhala contemplative principles.

To register online for the entire year, click here. Drop-in without pre-registration is welcome with a suggested donation $10 per class.

Contact Bodhi School
If you have questions or suggestions for Bodhi School or would like to learn about family programs and events in Milwaukee, please contact Tavita Martinez, Bodhi School Coordinator, at

What is Bodhi School

Bodhi School is inspired by the view of Saykong’s vision of an enlightened society. The goal of Bodhi School is to provide a gentle, safe and uplifted environment for children and parents to explore their heart and mind, learn to respect one another and develop confidence in basic goodness of all.

The curriculum and activities of Bodhi School are based on the Shambhala teachings on basic goodness of self and society. These teachings emphasize the path and development of an individual as the essence of creating a culture in which everyone lives with diginity, confidence and kindness. Therefore, Bodhi School is open to and welcome all parents and children from any religious background to join in.

Throughout the curriculum, children will find a place to explore their authentic self, learn how to work with aggression, and understand and able to work with their emotions in life.

Some activities will be guided by a teacher while others involve mentoring the older children to take care of the younger to develop their leadership skills. Children will learn to respect safe boundaries in which they can be creative and have fun.


Buddha birthday cake

Activities at Bodhi School
Bodhi school meets one Sunday a month. A teaching topic is introduced each month, followed by fun activities and a festive feast.

A typical schedule is:
1:00-2:00pm Lesson and clean-up
2:00-3:00pm Feast

During feast, one family will bring a dish that is significant to their family and share the story behind the dish. Then, other families can share in the dish as well as the meaning of that meal together.

Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting or parenting as path continues in its second year. Parents are welcome to meditate and join in an on-going "parenting as path" discussion group. The discussion topics explore what mindful, loving, parenting is and ways to apply the principles of mindfulness in relating with one's children.

Discussion takes place from 1-2:15pm during bodhi school days. Mindful parenting starts Jan 19,2014. Parents are encouraged to attend Bodhi School with their children.

Additional Resources

Coming soon.

Tavita Martinez
Bodhi School Coordinator