Tuesday, Oct.4, You Can’t Save Yourself by Saving Your Self.”

We think we know what ‘Self’ is, but it morphs constantly. We grasp onto a momentary image, and end up defending something that is wholly evanescent and without substance. All that misplaced energy doesn’t help us; it harms us. Come find out how and why.

Sitting at 7:00; Tea at 7:45; Talk at 8:00 with Alan Anno-self-bedderson


Windhorse Retreat Center

What’s happening at Windhorse:

Windhorse is the only Shambhala retreat center in the Midwest and is just 50 minutes north of Milwaukee. Located in a beautiful glacial area adjacent to the 15,000-acre Kettle Moraine State Forest, it offers an array of programs, solo and group retreats and rental opportunities for outside groups.


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This weekend! Shambhala Training Level I – The Art of Being Human

level1_altWith Bill Hebbert and Sarah Osborne

Fri, Sept 30, 7-9pm-Sat, Oct 1, 9am-6pm

Program price $110/patron $130 (Generosity policy applies)

The first of five weekend workshops called The Heart of Warriorship, that include meditation training and practice, talks by senior instructors, personal interviews and group discussions. It is the weekend companion to Meditation in Everyday Life. Learn more and register.


Meditation in Everyday Life

Six Wednesdays, beginning Oct. 26, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Step on to the Shambhala Path with this introduction to mindfulness meditation and making it real in your life. Learn more and register here.


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